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Physical Therapy

Fishermen’s Hospital offers both Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy in Marathon and Big Pine Key FL.

physical thereapyWe provide inpatient rehabilitation services at our Fisherman’s Community Hospital location, along with outpatient physical and occupational therapy services at our Marathon (mile marker 54) and the Big Pine Key (mile marker 29) Therapy Centers. Combining the expertise of certified, trained and experienced personnel with physician leadership, advanced equipment, and established treatment plans, our Fishermen’s Hospital Rehabilitation Services program is the catalyst by which patients like you return to their normal activities of Keys living, working and playing.

The Fishermen’s Hospital Rehabilitation department works together as two professional therapy disciplines: Physical and Occupational Therapy.

The Physical Therapy side rehabilitates people with orthopedic conditions, such as ankle pain, hip and knee replacements and ACL knee problems, in addition to post-surgery recovery. Using the services of our friendly and professional Marathon physical therapy team , back and neck injuries can be rehabilitated, sport injuries can be treated, and muscle pain can be resolved so that you are back to fishing as soon as possible.

The Occupational Therapy side specializes with rehabilitation of the upper extremity and the return to activities of daily living (ADL’s). As human beings, we use our hands and arms to do everything that we need to do such as, brushing our teeth and getting dressed, to driving to work or reeling in that big fish, therefore, our Occupational Therapy focuses on functional, everyday activities. Occupational Therapists (O.T.) help people who have had injuries, surgeries or illnesses that affect their ability to use their hands. They treat a wide variety of patient conditions. OT’s may also see patients who have suffered from stroke, had rotator cuff surgery or fractured their wrist or arm.

Fishermen’s Hospital Outpatient Therapy Centers in both Marathon and Big Pine Key, follow a Medicare treatment model, which means we always provide one-on-one treatment to our patients.. All patients receive our undivided attention.

The staff features over 80 years of experience, primarily in outpatient orthopaedics. Extensive equipment can be found at both locations, including: computerized strength analysis systems, treadmills, weights, recumbent steppers, arm bikes, ultrasound, electric stimulation, and traction.

Just like any other department at Fishermen’s Hospital, our patients are not just a number; they are our friends and neighbors who deserve personalized care and attention.

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